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Full Suite of Dealership Services

Responsive websites are a must in today’s modern world. Let MiGuy Digital Services help you get off the ground and found. We can take your business and completely optimize your web identity. We will revamp your current website or rebuild you a website to your specifications. We use the CMS WordPress and it allows speedy and fully customizable websites to be built allowing you the ability to show off your business on the web without having to break the bank.

Mobile Apps have rapidly evolved as a must have for any business looking to stay current and give their clients the best experience and the easiest way to be accessed.
This highly functional tool answers your client’s needs with ease and increases the rate of conversion with your business.
If you have a great business and a great following, this product solves the problem of “better and faster” and gives you another edge over your competitor.
Businesses that benefit highly from this mobile solution are the ones that look to increase appointments and ease of communication. Push technology and e-commerce are the new “must have” high engagement tools of any on-line presence.
From Dealerships to Massage Therapists and independent Pizza Delivery, a Mobile App just makes it easier to do business with you.

This is the ultimate competitive edge for the automotive salesperson, a salesperson’s biggest need for ease of communication with their clients.
A client can book an appointment in seconds! A salesperson can send a push notification of a new vehicle arrival with a couple of quick steps.
Invite to enter contests, fill in event forms, social media engagement and so much more.
The Mobile App for the automotive salesperson has been designed as the next generation business card of today.
Set yourself apart from a very competitive crowd.

Our online event platform is the new digital version of a Private Sale Invitation or Service Department campaign.
MiGuy Digital can build your Dealership a custom, simplified, and action oriented event meant to make the entire process fast and simple for your client.
With over 30 years of Automotive experience, we tailor an event from the client’s perspective. We do our best to make the event fast, engaging and transparent.
Our platform can be custom built for your team avoiding an expensive outside event planning team.
If you are looking to reduce your event costs and increase sale ROI you may want to consider our fast and easy online sale solution.
Our simplicity has allowed us to have very fast turn around times for those months that may need an extra boost to reach their numbers.
Yes, we work with your lists to hit your best prospects.
We are highly skilled in managing client databases.

MiGuy Digital creates beautiful print invitations and custom addressed letters to suit your targeted clientele.
We can create variable print offers from your customer list or to a generic crowd.
Simply give us a list and targeted product and we create your custom invitation or letter and send it to your customer’s door.
Our processes are 100% turnkey taking the weight off your shoulders so you can do what you do the best, close more deals.
We support these print solutions with an available and custom built online sale platform to increase engagement.
Social Media support is also available to expand your reach beyond your database.
We are printers, designers, marketers and developers.

Knowing how to operate a social media platform is only one, very small component of any campaign. We take the time to know your business, your competition, your brand and ideal demographic. Each posted message is meant to work with your desired social media platform.
Your social media presence is the cheerleader to your audience. It is widely known that people only do business with whom they “like”. Our job is to spread your message to the right audience on their time and turn those likes into organic leads who follow and share what you have to say and offer.
Your audience and social media platform are always evolving. It is imperative to stay part of that crowd and conversations.

Crawling, indexing, black hat, organic, earned, local, keywords, algorithms etc… Search Engine Optimization is a very intimidating space.
MiGuy Digital Services works towards your number one challenge… “Get me to the top of Google when someone searches for businesses like mine!”.
We work with you to go through the basics so you understand our entire strategy of getting your business found on page one.
Statistics from Google state that only 6% of searches go past page one.
We work with you to ensure the health of your online business is 100% up to date and meets Google’s latest search algorithms.
Your website must be the best it can be and easy to navigate.
Google’s best practices force you to be a better online business and marketer. Once those basics have been completed, that’s where we start to put your business on the map and pass your competition in the rankings.

Nothing is more important than your networks. We have created a very robust platform that makes it easy for other BNI Members to connect with each other and
their most revered contacts. Easily send and receive referrals from your networks, attract more members and increase your business.
With your very own page inside your BNI APP, you have your entire BNI network and their highly recommended contacts all in one secure Mobile platform.
Drastically save time, increase your professionalism and “WOW” factor with the easiest way for other valued people to find you.
If you are looking to increase referrals then this solution has been custom built for you. Your page is filled with everything about your business and multiple contact points to any locations that you host. It’s about promoting you and your contacts to receive referrals and searching your closest networks and their contacts to do business with.

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